11 ways of coping with stress in crisis

by Himani Mishra

April 6, 2020, 7 p.m.

COVID- 19 aka Corona has changed the face of mankind in twenty-first century . In such scientifically advanced times, we cannot expect that a disease can paralyze the powerful economies in such a grotesque way. It is during these stressful times that we seek solace in shelter of near and dear ones . It seems that COVID 19 is harming physically , economically and financially but one untapped damage that is difficult to undo is psychological damage this virus has hurled on us. In these stressful times of quarantine , lockdown, and Isolation , it is important to maintain our psychological well being . In Nichomachean Ethics , Aristotle noted about two types of happiness one can seek – Hedonic Happiness and Eudemonic happiness. Hedonic happiness pertains to momentary pleasure and happiness we seek, while eudemonic happiness is the long sighted happiness analyzed along with meaning and purpose of life. Though the situation around the world is disturbing , but as I came across a post in social media which stated “ If you cannot go outside , go INSIDE “ . It is during these times we can experience both hedonic and eudemonic happiness by doing some activities and experiencing the blissful joy. Here are my few ideas of gaining happiness in these distressing times.

  1. It’s the perfect time to spend with family – a cup of tea with spouse , a board game with child , a heartfelt conversation with elders (What about watching Ramayana on Doordarshan with whole family -not just enjoying the ecstasy of company , but learning some valuable uplifting life lessons.)

  2. A devout time can be spent doing gardening , helping spouse with household chores , cooking ( yes you aren’t able to enjoy the luxury of domestic help )

  3. Regular Exercise and Yoga will help to maintain our Physical Health and Mental Health (It would make sure that we don’t take a potbelly along with us in office when lockdown gets over)

  4. Many new things can be learned – courses can be explored from business courses to learning new languages (Many free courses are available online )

  5. A mindful meditation can relax the irksome mind. There are many apps which offer meditation courses , even videos can be searched online

  6. A heartfelt conversation with a friend from whom you have not heard since long, can uplift the mood - give a call and see how the wonderfully it works.

  7. Keep yourself hydrated , eat lots of fruits , nuts and immunity boosting food

  8. Feeling anxious about what ‘s going on in business , what might happen to company profits , job security – take a paper and pen write down all your feelings . Ask yourself what is the best solution. If there is solution then why worry, and if something is uncontrollable then also – why worry you cannot control everything – just sit and relax.

  9. This is golden time to think about the career progression plan, which had been due since long. Though, in these stressed times, career progression is risky and ironical, but a plan can be thought of which can then be executed when the right time comes.

  10. A little introspection and contemplation on or lifestyle can do wonders . Try maintaining a Gratitude Journal where every night before retiring to bed you write three things for which you are grateful to God ( Having food to eat , roof over head and maintaining good health , being able to earn money on regular basis are something for which we can be thankful to God all time )

  11. Now you know everything about Virus, isolate yourself from Negative News, there is no need to check the death toll due to Virus (it’s not a cricket score). Maintain Positivity in and around yourself, which is the best immunity booster.

In conclusion nothing can be more appropriate than the quote of Budhha stating “Train your mind to see good in everything . Positivity is a choice. The happiness of our mind depends on quality of our thoughts.’’