Empowering the Humans, Not Just the Women

by Prarthna Grover

Nov. 10, 2019, 6:07 p.m.

Gone are the days when women were considered and fortunately supposed to be just a housewife. No education, no schooling, no stepping out of the house and whatnot. Thanks to the intellectual youth to show the abilities of women to the world out there. Before women were considered to be suitable enough to be a housewife and this very much was clear that no matter what task is given she will be the best at it. Women have been proving themselves really hard but surprisingly no more. Do you think she is working hard to prove the society? No way! She’s been working hard to overcome her fear and get to the goals set by her. Women empowerment has lately been a controversial issue and different people have different perspectives. We at socio story immensely believe to deliver a message that may not be powerful enough to change your mindset completely but it would definitely have an impact on your thinking towards the issue you are reading about. And if it affects even 2% to your mindset, our motive is achieved there and then.

Women empowerment is an issue that has been in talks and everyone is pretty much aware of it. You have been reading about the women power, rights, capabilities, achievements and the list goes on. And truly, women have overcome anything and everything that was meant to destroy her goals, her dreams and solely her. Feminism or women empowerment is not just treating the women superior to the men. It is not about seeing women simply an example of perfection and it is not all about women being the strongest of all. Be it a man or a woman, we all are humans. Nobody is perfect rather everyone is unique in their own way. Ever wondered with billions of population on the earth, every person has two eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth but still, every single person looks different. We are all similar yet so different from each other which clearly means that we are all gifted with something precious and different that comes from within. Women empowerment is not giving women the higher level, it is treating the women equally with the men. We should not tell the women out there you are superior and can do better than men, we should tell them you are capable enough to do it better than the rest.

This is for the men out there who have supported the women throughout. To the men who have encouraged her to live the dreams, achieve her goals and truly be herself. To the men who have never considered it a competition of which gender can do it better rather believed in the opposite gender as a person on an equal level. We have seen the world appraising all the women who have achieved a lot and there is no doubt that they deserve what they are getting. So here’s to the women who are doing great in their lives and being a great example to the youth and also to the men who let the women be themselves, have faith and truly consider them as equal individuals.

Cheers to the society where there are no female leaders rather there are leaders. A place where men and women were created equally and so are being treated equally. To make a change, the one step is all that’s needed. Believe in yourself, step ahead and see the changing perspective and the world around you.