India’s Water Crisis

by Prarthna Grover

Oct. 22, 2019, 12:42 p.m.

‘Thousands have lived without love, but not a single person has survived without water’. The world is such a big place to live in but is there any use for such widely spread mother earth when it is about to dry up completely. They say one will get to know the value of water when the well dries up, but unfortunately, the wells have started to dry and no one is there to think about it. India, the second largest country that is known for its population is now facing the water crisis.

Wondering how is this even possible? Well, the things we’ve been doing is a much clear answer to the topic of the blog. India’s water crisis has been one utmost priority now because it was neglected before. Water scarcity in India is now one open and vital aspect to rethink over. Water scarcity not only limits itself to water crisis rather it is a term that involves water stress and water shortage that is because of the humans and to some extent the nature making the crisis worse. 

How can a modernly developed country face water crisis? Maybe the government shifted the focus on modernizing the country so much that it lacked the focus to the things that needed attention. Since it is quite obvious that the government lacks attention, focus and planned initiatives when it comes to water scarcity, increasing corporate privatization, corruption, and the list go on. Having the second largest population that is expected to increase, why to wait for the government to take some action. Even if every single person decides to make a change, the world will see the change. It just needs that determination and attention towards your decision in making the world a better place to live not only for us but also for the next generation. 

The monsoon rains have arrived in some places, running weeks late. Groundwater is depleting steadily, global warming is an issue on a hike and we are just dependent on the government to help us out.  Saving the water, rainwater harvesting, save resources cannot work until we decide to make them work. There have been many names who are considered to be the real heroes in their own stories who have immensely contributed the best of their efforts towards the water crisis that India is facing. Things planned but not executed remains planned only and have no importance at all. If you think, you have the potential to bring at least 1% change towards your country and the betterment of the generation, its high time to take a step forward and make a change.  

If you think you have made a change towards making the world a better place, we will make sure your story shines out just like your change. Connect and share your ideas and stories with us and let us be your voice to the world. Remember, once a step taken towards a change, there is always moving ahead and no looking back.