Top 5 Social Evils That The Society Has To Fight

by Prarthna Grover

Nov. 10, 2019, 6:15 p.m.

No matter how advanced the country has become, there are many factors that need attention. There are many social evils destroying the planet at such a fast pace that if we do not look after, it will be too late. Dig into the blog and check out the top 5 social evils that the society has to fight for its own betterment and a safe and secure future.

1. Women’s Safety

No wonder why this is an utmost essential issue in India. There have been cases people cannot forget when it comes to rape, molestation, domestic violence, and whatnot. Are the women really safe if they step out? The answer is very much clear, No! You cannot always depend on the government to bring a change. Being an individual, we have the rights to stand up for the right and raise our voice when needed. Stop teaching your daughters how to behave outside, what to wear and how to talk rather raise up your sons so well that they protect the women out there. Make India a country where women do not fear men when she’s on the street rather feel safe and secure.

2. Illiteracy

The country cannot really be termed as a developed country when there are so many sectors that are not looked after. Illiteracy has been one issue that is changing in a better way but at such a slow pace. It is one issue that can increase the other evils like poverty, unemployment, population burst and so on. India has been dealing with illiteracy since independence but the efforts really need to be strong enough to eradicate this social evil as soon as possible.

3. Pollution

It is not just the water that has turned black from blue but also the air that we breathe. No matter how hard we try to clean the water and air, it will be of no use at all. We strongly need to stop abusing the natural resources and be strict towards utilizing them effectively and efficiently enough. Excessive usage of the chemicals, plastic, disposal of waste on roads and in rivers is simply destroying the ecosystem. If we continue to do so there will be a time where no efforts, new techniques or methods would help us to undo our actions towards making the planet a place we would never want our generation to live.

4. Shaming

Shaming has been one issue in talks that are being noticed these days. Starting from the body shaming to victim shaming, people think it’s their right to judge the other person according to their low standard mentality. People are being shamed for their body or the brave victims of molestation if they share their experience. If we are intellectual enough, we really need to stop such perverts to clearly are not literate enough to understand about personal choices.

5. Hygiene & Sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation are something that is a mandatory part of your routine and should not be neglected at all. It is a right of every citizen of the country but unfortunately, India has not been able to handle this issue well. According to the facts, it is estimated that over 80% of the households have a mobile phone but over 730 million people in India still do not have access to clean sanitation and toilets. No wonder why the country might face serious environmental and health hazards in the future.

If everyone individual decides to make a change from their side, there will be no such social evils in the country anymore. As a nation, we need to fight these social evils for the betterment of our own self and also the upcoming generation.