Why Right To Education Is Essential

by Prarthna Grover

Nov. 10, 2019, 5:57 p.m.

Education in today’s era is one such essential aspect that can make individual reach heights and touch the skyline. If you have the skill set but no one to guide you and polish your talent, it is purely of no use. Just like when a toddler starts learning, we start with the alphabets and do not jump to the words, similarly education is exactly like the alphabets that base up your level to give you a start. Right to Education is one term that almost everyone can relate with and also know what it is all about. If you are reading this blog right now, we are pretty much sure you very well have read about this issue before. Internet is filled up with ways to initiate the right to education, criticise right to education, favor it or just know what’s happening around about it. The social platforms are flooded with factual and informative aspects providing you with the complete knowledge of what exactly it is, why it is being practiced and how it is being effective yet vital.

Here, we have a different plan to convey our perspective to all those who should know the value of their rights and education. We are living in a world that is digitalised, modernised and extremely tech-savvy. You have a dream to achieve something in your life, no one in this entire world can stop you to pursue it except for your own self. Rights and education hold a very crucial role in not only today’s time but also in our entire life. These two things go hand in hand and are equally important. Even if you have the rights but do not educate yourself or you are educated but do not know how to use your rights, you stand nowhere. Rights are nothing but a power to let you express, make your opinion count, value your existence and treat you equally. No matter what caste, religion, sex, tradition, culture, the country you support, being a citizen you have the rights and you should very well know how to use them and when to use them. Superman or Spiderman is just a normal man until & unless they don’t use their power. Make sure to value and make every right count. Whereas, education, as told above, is always at a superior level and will always be one mandatory thing in every individual’s life.

Right to Education was solely for the people who were unable to afford education for their children. The higher and middle-level society knows the importance of education only because they themselves are educated enough to understand it. Surprisingly, we have seen the right to education being implemented and utilised effectively and efficiently as much lower level families have started sending their children to school. Wondering how it happened? Well, there are so many NGO’s and government made initiatives that have been made and are working regularly towards educating the children in need. Girls were not allowed to step out of the house but now girls are not only being educated rather also achieving their dreams and proving it out to the world and their orthodox mentality. All thanks to the parents who have faith in their children and also to the initiatives for working incredibly to offer such great services towards a change in society. Sadly, still, there are many small areas, where children are struggling to get their education or to say don’t even know what is education. They say something is better than nothing and one small step can lead to many new changes. Having faith in today’s generation and the government, we know soon there will be a time where every child will get a chance to go to a school and start setting goals to achieve.