Your Skin Color Shouldn’t Dictate Your Future

by Prarthna Grover

Oct. 9, 2019, 4:05 p.m.

Win on your merit, not your skin color they adviced but she was judged only by her skin color! What was her fault? To born with that dark skin color. No matter how beautiful the soul is, no matter how intelligent she was, the girl was always judged by her color before even introducing her. Racism has been of the bad and old issue but somewhere we know it is still there and becoming worse day by day. We at socio story truly believe to bring a change in the society and let you know about such issues that need your attention to bring justice to every individual out there regardless of their skin color. The world has been talking about how to treat the other person equal, consider them equal, not to judge them on the basis of their color. But this time it’s not to teach the society how to deal with everyone rather it is to motivate and encourage the individual souls fighting for themselves hard enough to deal with society.

It is easy to judge but it takes a lot of courage to know that you’re being judged. We have read in the books about racism, color discrimination, not treating the dark people equal and undoubtedly we have seen a few people working towards a change. When a person falls in love within themselves, the rest seems nothing and doesn’t even matter. This is not for the society to read and think differently, it is strengthening every individual out there who think their skin color is different or unacceptable. You know when a person knows their worth, their soul and most importantly who they are, there is nothing in the world that should bother them. If you know how to love yourself and accept what you’re born with, life gets o simple. Long-time back, when people were judged on their skin color, they really thought they are just not made for society and let the world torture them mentally. Racism never really ended because people started to doubt themselves and thought their skin color would decide their class and future.

Your skin color is something you’re gifted with and if you do not believe in yourself, no one ever will. We can be the voice to support you, to encourage you, and to empower you but it is you who has to deal with it and be the voice of change yourself. Before wanting the world to accept you, start loving yourself an realize how important you are to yourself. Different people have different perspectives, and you cannot change that anyhow. There are names like Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Serena Williams, Beyonce, and many more in the list who are dark-colored and the world loves them. Wondering because they are popular enough? Well, if they were judged by their color they would have been just another ordinary person fighting the world to accept them. They didn’t let their skin color decide their dreams and shape their future, rather they accepted themselves the way they are born, fought the world alone and became a change to the youth.

Shout out to every individual out there to keep falling in love with yourself every day and see wonders, strength, and power coming your way. It is just the laundry where clothes are separated on the basis of the color. Don’t let the skin color dictate your future rather prove yourself and stand out of the crowd to walk like a change and live by that.