A retreat blending wellness and sustainability, world’s first fully digitally wellness-themed resort Ridhira Zen to be launched in Hyderabad

Sept. 10, 2022, 12:58 p.m.

By: Reshma Jain

While there are so many deliberations and discussions about sustainability, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable fashion, etc, there is also equally a need to understand the concept of sustainable well-being. So, let’s understand the meaning of sustainable well-being in simple terms. It is the key to responsibly look after the planet, protecting humanity and living a happy life. By making small changes to our everyday lifestyle, we can reconnect with nature and appreciate how important it is. This appreciation allows us to adapt and consider the impact our actions really have on the planet Earth.

As per a few studies, Sustainable well-being is achieved when improving individual wellbeing is correlated with improving the well-being of other members of society and the natural environment. It also means that sustainable well-being means both an equitable global distribution of well-being at present as well as the securing of well-being for future generations. Socio Story brings to you a special feature on well-being and the thought leaders behind it. One amongst them is Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram, Founder of O2 Spas and Ridhira Zen. Ridhira Zen is set to launch one of the World’s first fully digitally enabled wellness-themed resort living communities.

Ridhira Zen presents the concept of a second home or a vacation home blending wellness, sustainability, and luxury. This real estate project wants to bring together a wellness community. In the hustle and bustle city of Hyderabad, Ridhira Zen can be a safe place to detox and recharge, and rejuvenate.

Unlike a typical vacation, which is merely a break from the day-to-day routine, a wellness-oriented resort living community is enriching and provides a haven for a much deeper emotional and physical escape from the everyday pressure and stress of life. Ridhira Zen is a unique concept combining real estate and hospitality, brought to you by the House of O2 Spa, the largest spa chain in India.

Ridhira Zen focuses more on building a wellness environment amidst all the chaos. Sustainable housing has become very crucial with the way the environment is changing today. Sustainable ideas significantly reduce the environmental impact through green best-practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. This community promotes sustainability by enabling practices such as less wastage, reusing and recycling water, zero plastic zones, zero-G zones, recycling wastage, rainwater harvesting and more all put together contributing towards less impact on the environment.

From practicing the principles of Ahimsa in everything they do to creating a green ecosystem, no stone is left unturned to create a commune that believes green is the only way forward.

“Beyond sustainability, we believe in the quintessence principle 'Ahimsa', which means consideration of all souls as equal to our soul, compassion towards all forms of life without any discrimination of any categories. The concept is very pervasive which gives the message of harmony and co-existence among all living beings for sustainable and peaceful living. Right from uniforms for the staff to clean energy ideas, we are all for Zero Waste Management,” shared Reddy while speaking to Socio Story.

The concept of Zen is not only about bringing calm, mindfulness, and wellness but also addresses the global problem of climate change and the lack of green spaces in the city. The architecture is completely based on reducing carbon footprint and encouraging holistic living.

To balance the environment and the need for an ever-increasing demand for housing, people need to start focusing more on living in sustainable communities. Ridhira Zen Wellness Community is a balance between the two.

Reddy who has carved a niche in the Indian Wellness space, further added, “With the turmoil that has impacted millions across the globe, living in fear has become the second norm. Our purpose is to bring in a space that enables consciously choosing physical and mental health. There is a constant urge to upgrade all our healthcare systems to survive the pandemic and have a better quality of life. The important takeaway from Post Covid for everyone is to prioritize health and well-being. Ridhira Zen aspires to be the ultimate destination for you.”

The main intent of Ridhira Zen is to ensure that wellness becomes a state of mind and it needs to be nurtured as our lifestyles are majorly influenced by how we live and where we live. Ridhira Zen encourages a completely new lifestyle, away from the smoke and pollution, away from the noise of the city; a safe place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Living in the purity of mother nature while enjoying the luxurious amenities and services provided by their professional resort partners enables us for an abundant life.

Ritesh further shared that real estate investments must first focus on making living sustainable and reducing the pressure on the environment as well-being and sustainability are interconnected.

Ridhira Zen practices the following-

1. Meditation Spaces within the community

2. Circadian rhythm enriching lights- for better sleep and awakening at homes

3. Anti-bacterial, posture-correcting flooring- for improved hygiene and longevity

4. Electromagnetic shields- to protect yourself against harmful radiation present all


5. Reflexology Parks- to reap the benefits of ancient practices to improve well-being

6. Aroma Gardens- to awaken our senses

Unlike a typical vacation, which is merely a break from daily routine, a wellness-oriented resort is enriching and provides a safe haven for a deeper emotional and physical escape from the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

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