Extending a helping hand during the pandemic, meet Shilpa Singh who has impacted the lives of many

July 24, 2021, 5:07 p.m.

By:Reshma Jain

The covid pandemic left thousands of lives devastated and the past few months have been quite challenging for most of us. However, there are a few good Samaritans who extended their helping hand to the people who required help during these unprecedented times. One such Samaritan is Shilpa Singh from Bengaluru who believes that working for common good is the greatest creed.

Speaking to Socio Story, Shilpa shares four initiatives which she initiated during the second wave of the pandemic and which still continues to serve people. The first initiative is called Feed the Needy- non-stop serving of cooked nutritious food to the needy people. More than 40k+ meals have been served to the needy during the last two months. The meals were distributed to road side needy people, migrant workers, construction labourers and mentally challenged people in Bengaluru. 

The second initiative is to provide Ration kits for the needy. More than 1,000 kits have been distributed in two phases in the last two months. Shilpa and her team successfully distributed grocery kits to migrant workers, construction labourers, auto drivers, road side vendors, widows, transgenders, freelance dancers, and the visually impaired in Bengaluru. 

Shilpa also raised funds through individual crowdfunding for critical COVID patients. She was able to raise more than 5 lakh and she now plans to donate this amount for purchasing healthcare equipment for the poor people.

 Another social activity that Shilpa launched was ‘Be a Saviour’- connecting hospitals with medical staff. Shilpa who is a cloud architect by profession said, “Currently I am working as a volunteer in the corona relief team where we are trying to connect patients and hospitals. Things are now better and we hope to win this battle.”

While executing these projects, Shilpa realised that there were people from marginalised communities who required support. She soon executed one project for the transgender community and extended her support to as many people as she could.

 “The pandemic has severely impacted the lives of people from the marginalised communities. I will continue to work with transgender community to lift them up by creating opportunities for them. Also, I plan to visit a few villages as people have been struggling to make ends meet. Apart from distributing ration kits, I plan to organise awareness sessions for women in the villages,” concluded Shilpa, a social activist.

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