Oct. 9, 2019, 5:48 p.m.

A 13+ years of veteran in CSR, Lavina Sequera is a co-founder of SOIL, a social initiative that provides a foothold to the decaying artisans and craftsmen of India. An active patron of # socio story platform and an active campaigner for social issues, Lavina Sequera has made deep inroads in the social strata of India and has forayed further inside to reach out to the poor and needy through multiple initiatives, movements and enterprises. The strength and power of Lavina’s social stories has been an immense crowd-puller. At # Socio Story, Lavina has recounted numerous powerful discourses, tirades, keynotes and speeches that has influenced and shaped the future of many. An arch devout for social reasons and a philanthropist at heart, Lavina has shared the “# Socio Story microphone with hundreds of others filling their ears with deep and steep tales of denial, deprivation, duty and redemption.

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